I want to go Bow. Range outclasses Melee

So I followed this build: https://bit.ly/2ylk0Iv I am now 75/75 Braver Hunter

13 star Yama Weapon with a S-ATK Mag. But now I want to go range 😞 . Melee is terrible in this game What's the cost to respeccing? How would I even go about doing it? I'm also thinking I need to farm badges again for a 13 star bow

@BlockedMarlin58 said in I want to go Bow. Range outclasses Melee:

What's the cost to respeccing?

You cannot purchase a Skill Tree Reset ticket (and even if you did, it resets all skill trees for every class.) Even if this was Japan's version, the skill tree reset ticket is a limited time AC Shop item (if it's on the AC Shop.) It costs more than adding a new skill tree. Just rename your current skill tree for it as "Melee" and add a new skill tree, name it "Ranged."

It costs AC regardless. It costs SG afterward to swap to the new/old trees. (Even on JP.)

@coldreactive It does not cost SG to switch between trees for the same class. The SG option is to move an extra Skill Tree "permit" from one class to another. You switch between multiple trees from the Choose Class option.

@BlockedMarlin58 Overall cost to go from Melee to Ranged build without a free All Skill Tree reset in AC is 800AC; that is 500 to buy an additional Skill Tree, and 300 for a new Mag (if you had made a DEX Mag, you wouldn't need a new Mag due to Braver Mag).

You can also just create a new character if you want to avoid spending AC.

In the case of your Mag, you can still save it because of the cost for down leveling item in excube shop. It costs 5 excubes each in comparison to the old price of 20 excubes per downgrade.

Yes, it'll take time but you can save your mag in due time, and if you haven't capped your mag yet, just start building the other stats and slowly downgrade your current one.

@AndrlCh I'm certain @coldreactive was referring to the method of using a blank skill tree and transferring it to the main tree as a way to reset skill tree without having to buy AC but probably the point probably didn't off too well.

Melee outclasses ranged though. it's way easier to use, you tend to die less, and still does buttloads of damage, not to mention katana aoe being superior, and looking way cooler.


Honestly, if you can spare 1 USD I'd suggest getting the Xbox Ultimate Game Pass Perks, which comes with 500AC. Use the 500AC to buy an extra mag and make it a Dex Mag. Problem solved, you now can have all four mags if you make your other two free alts (plus you get a bunch of other goodies!).

@ZeeHero9271 I barely die as a Range lol. Melee being easier to use,that I can attest to. You don't really have to specifically pinpoint weak points constantly with 100% accuracy. As for cooler,that's very subjective lol.

I mean, I get enemies sneaking up on me every time I go into free aim on bow.

My braver build does have a bow but its only for when its too dangerous or impossible to melee the boss. I also use it on Anga in UQ when he becomes resistant to katana.

I have an easier time surviving when I use katana lol.

@ZeeHero9271 Br Bow outclasses Br katana when it comes to pure bossing, especially ones like Loser if you're comparing both weapons. When it comes to other things like mobbing and things like MPA FF/UQ farming because mobs will die fast and bow is a slow weapon when it comes to those things.

The only thing katana may have something bow does not would be katana combat, which enables you to just burst with no repercussion. Only thing that holds bow back would be being able to manage your pp and also knowing the nuances of the weapon.

Bow is relatively safe if you know what you're doing, you can dash dance with bow to avoid getting hit and once you can get Bomber Type-0 from crafting, that skill is great to use to dodge attacks that have longer frames than your dash.

I don't really care if bow as a theoretical higher dps cap, when katana playstyle is just so superior in fun which is why people play to begin with.

I use a bow for those times the boss decides "F you melee" but outside that katana will always be the first choice.

@ZeeHero9271 If it's fun for you then that's good, though doesn't change what you stated is subjective and not objective. Sure, if you don't care about actual weapon results/potentials, but it's always good to at least acknowledge capabilities from both weapons and also what potential each can get to.

Katana can be simple to use and easier to learn because you're stuck to one single combo for effective dps, which is why it's also more popular since it's so beginner friendly (other than the fact that you get the weeb status). In contrast to Bow. which requires you to learn more nuances/maintenance and also put more effort into learning the weapon and its PA, not to mention it's gear dependent.