Downloade and Launcher Fixed?

Is it? Dont want to try it if its still trash

It's not fixed, not even close...

Nope. They fixed some in-game issues, but all issues relating to the launcher, downloading/re-downloading, permissions and the store misplacing/corrupting/nuking your install(whether on restart or otherwise) still remain.

Additionally, the MS store page now has a disclaimer directing people with installation issues to "the official site"(here) and notes at the bottom that the game will not re-download if it's already installed.

How long are we going to have to wait before this is fixed? The deletion/corruption issues should have been fixed within the first several days or first week. We waited two weeks and nothing is fixed? This is fallout 76 all over again.

Well this sucks monkey nuts

There are still issues for a lot of people. After the update today, however, I'm not experiencing any lag in the hub area like I previously was, which was pretty extreme, so we have that going for us at least.

@Krapmyself Atleast you got in game bud!

@XceptOneAlpha After the launcher updated, the game wouldn't work. At the title screen and when hitting enter, I got an external pop up window to.. something that stayed gray for about 5 minutes then closed. It did that every time I hit enter at the title screen until I shut down the game after which when I tried to start it up from the launcher again, nothing happened.

So I shut down my PC, turned it back on, and suddenly everything worked fine.

Who knows with this terrible launch...

Well, I think this game is dead at this point... I won't try to reinstall it in the future. I was hyped for it but I don't care anymore

@HourlyNose0060 i totaly think the same, for me the NA version's dead, i'll go for the JP instead if i really wanna continue.

Yea i also dont even care anymore. This is just a Joke and i dont see a Future for this Game if the Team is even to stupid to fix the Store/Downloade.

We wait so long and we got only trash that dont even start... even 2 Weeks after the release xD Worst Start ever and shows how dumb this Team is.

I will try it again if its on Steam... will never happen but i dont care anymore.

Think Sega are just blinded by M$ so they won't touch Steam else they'll lose their precious deal


Worked fine for me. Even the laggy lobby has stopped being laggy.

Well, the game itself is working fine for me, but only after reinstalling itself to my C drive. Fortunately it didn't duplicate this time, but I haven't yet restarted and I'm not confident it will be problem free.

But yeah, the game itself works better than ever now. It's installing and getting in that is the problem.