This is the second time this happened to my already installed and working game. What gives?

Is anyone else having this problem? I went to launch PSO2 this morning but the icon was greyed out and I couldn't click it. Went to Microsoft store and it says "this app encountered a problem. Please reinstall to repair". I'm baffled. The app is like corrupting itself or something, because I haven't touched the files at all and this is the second time this has happened. It's super frustrating, because the install takes me around six!!! hours to get done and I lose all my screenshots. If anyone can help or is having similar issues, advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

@MUTTFANGS A LOT of people are experiencing this problem and I'm sorry to say there are no good solutions as of yet. Be sure to check your mutable backups folder in windowsapps to see how many extra copies of the game you have. I just found 5, which is nearly filling up my drive. I'm deleting everything then trying the tweaker program. I'll report back if it works, good luck!

@TodayRhyme12151 thanks! Appreciate the reply.