Don't be Toxic people

I had a run in with some people. When I asked them to stop rushing content they said whatever SIR. We were in the Amplified quest going for experience runs. When I said i'm not a sir they proceeded to keep typing it and then kick from the party and saying SIR and BRO constantly in whispers. They need a better report function in the game. But lets try to keep this game from become toxic jesus.

I removed the picture but couldn't delete the post cause you're not suppose to show names or start witch hunts.

Looks sounds like a legit harassment claim to me.

Hopefully you were able to report it.

o/ =^.^=

Disgusting. It's not abuse of a report if you're being a genuine jerk to anyone really. Seems like sexism to me. or transphobia? dunno. either way its rude. esp after they kicked you. had to rub salt in the wounds?

I did but it feels so wierd going through Gamertags cause then you got to write a declaimer of game and more.

So others know, you have a player history and have to Block/report form their gamer tag you can't do it in game anyother way.