Scheduled Urgents for non-Pacific Time players

Can non-Pacific Time players get more consideration when planning the Scheduled Urgents? June's Week 1 has absolutely no consideration for players that do not live in Pacific Time but have a job and sleep at regular times for their area. Literally every single Magatsu in June Week 1's weekdays happens at either 11pm or 3pm Eastern Time, it's quite frankly ridiculous. If you have a typical 9-5 job you don't have a chance to do any of them until the weekend.

The month of May had a lot of these scenarios as well, it's quite frustrating. I don't understand why the UQ schedule can't rotate and be more available to the multiple timezones that exist in NA. I get that in JP there's only one expected timezone for players but in NA that's not the case, and considerations should be made for this in my honest opinion.

Ill second this

Please. Most Urgents happen at midnight on east coast. Kids do play this game, as well as working adults. Midnight is wayyyyyyy tooo late. Especially on a weekday. Please reevaluate the schedule.

Would be nice to have more concerts as well. Sometime between 6am-12pm PDT

I totally agree with that

I tried getting to play the seasonal urgent quest scheduled for 7/6 9pm PDT seasonal which is 12 midnight EDT where i live and i have to take sleeping meds cause of my autism pls do something So that non-pacific players like me can play these events within reason

Why have they not updated the list as of yet it's the 7th and still listing Junes UQ's 😞

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