Consistent Error 630

So as has been stated in this thread Error 630 is rampant in a few players and is ruining the game experience. I consisntently without fail get Error 630 when I kill 2nd Phase Luther and try to get my loot. It will error 630 and kick me from the game as soon as the Pose frame is finished. The game will also Error 630 me when i get a cross burst and then attempt to enter the final area into a boss room. This is completely reproducible and is fucking ruining this game for me. I have lost so much loot from Luther and so many Advance Capsules D-E-F because it just kicks me at those specific phases points. It also error 630s me if I go into an ultimate quest, kill Phandaj, and then use a telepipe to get back to the ship. It will 100% Error 630 me. It only happens in these three SPECIFIC things and this is frustrating. Please someone give me anything to fix this.

I have been getting this non-stop for the past 3 days and i am frustrated as HECK!!! I get it randomly though. I have been trying to play through the story missions and it boots me all the time. I was just re-doing my skill tree and it did it there too. I'm playing on xbox if that makes a difference. I also tried restarting the router, having it unplugged for 10 minutes, restarting the xbox. everyday is the same story and it is SO annoying. my internet connection is just fine, it is their connection that keeps messing up.

I'm having this issues as well, doing AQs and consistently disconnecting in the boss room, hadn't connected it to cross burst but looking back that's very possible. It's extremely frustrating especially during this event where I have to kill the boss to finish the quest to increase the rewards. I've even tried the port forwarding seen here

Do you guys have Xfinity/Comcast? I cant even think of anything else that could be the issue but I've personally contacted comcast and asked them to check my connection and they said everything was fine and they even strengthened my connection.

I am constantly monitoring my network (using ping plotter), because I do often times have issues with my ISP. So when I DC, I check my network for any packet loss that would explain it. More than 90% of the time my network is stable when I DC.

It's less frustrating when I know I DC because my ISP is being garbage, vs these unexplained DCs that shouldn't be happening.

I just finished the UQ and got a error 630 literally right after the boss died so was unable to collect the reward. This is getting very annoying now, it's making the game completely unplayable and like others, I've contacted my ISP and I've checked my network for issues and there isn't any.

Also, given the fact that I literally can't join any AQ with alliance members, that causes an instant error 630 - This is 100% a server issue and it needs to be resolved, because the JP server DOES NOT HAVE THIS ISSUE.

Its starting to randomly boot me now if i stop moving. I didn't get booted during the UQ but fuck this is infuriating.

I'm also having these issues and I am on comcast. It's actually so aggravating I've tried everything.

Probably should make a poll to see what ISP people use. I use gigabit comcast. I'm almost 100% sure this is not an ISP issue though but having that data might help.

@Amari-Kigu I also have comcast. However i completely reset my PC to factory and fiddled with my router settings and i can now do content without error 630. It still happens but sparingly and not during UQ, AQs anymore.

@Amari-Kigu said in Consistent Error 630:

Probably should make a poll to see what ISP people use. I use gigabit comcast. I'm almost 100% sure this is not an ISP issue though but having that data might help.

Also on gigabit comcast and getting this error consistently when trying to do AQs. About to stop playing for a while, I'm so frustrated with losing my capsules and not getting credit for this event.