Still no fix for adding rings to units?

Got my 12* unit set yet they haven’t even fixed it. Somehow I don’t think they even want them to be able to be ready yet or it would have been fixed with this update.

adding rings into units wont be here for a bit

There's some function people tend to mistake for it being broken but in actuality, it's early to release that mechanic or feature. What people do not know is that we got skill rings early. We're supposedly only at Ep3 contents. Gathering/Skill ring crafting weren't available until Episode 4, thus why have no Fi crit rings or any rings that its series involves Earth.

Same went for the 75 cap and title related things, we didn't get that until later too. PSO2 EN's release were a combination of many future content that weren't out for us yet for our current content stand. What PSO2 EN has is some form/fraction of the current JP's and is trying to catch up to JP contents in its own way which is why there's no OT/NT versions and also why some weapons are so powerful (looking at some 13*) for our current content.

These are two of some examples out there to put out there for people asking why can't they do this or that.