[Suggestion] Vets will understand..

Heyo everyone, my alliance and I were just discussing how we enjoyed the beta because Featured Quest wasn't in it. For all the new players, Featured Quest is a mission with boosted EXP, wep badge drops, and just over all a cheap and repetitive experience.

From what we've gathered from the beta, "Rare" rappies drops the weapon badges now, and while running AQs we obtained a good few handfuls of them, which was actually a really fun experience. I'm just looking at the JP version with FQs and I'd really like to not see them in NA. I'd highly suggest to not include what the JP version calls "Featured Quests"

tl;dr: Featured quests is a cheap way to level, and get some really high tier weapons & units. I feel like it will ruin the game for new players and turn them off when there's an obvious titan for leveling and progressing quickly.


I mean they can always tweak drops and things between JP and Western, wouldn't be the first time we had separate drop charts.

You mean like boss rush? I agree. at least not until later on in the journey of PSO2 NA.

@Rantious Yeah, I get that. In JP SH drops 5 badges at the end of each mission and XH drops 10 - 15 per mission. I would prefer to just have them as drops exclusively instead of quest completion rewards. I think that and adjusting a lower exp bonus would work. But still, doing AQs or just obtaining them from "rare rappies" would be easy to obtain, while also providing a bit of a challenge for new players. Because JP is just so dumb easy to get geared and leveled, they don't even care about getting anything better than what the Wep badges provide. They're "strong enough" in their opinion, which is an awful mindset imo.

They make a lot more sense later in the game's lifespan when everyone's effectively at level cap and newbies need a way to catch up, at least.

I have a feeling we won't get them until a little ways in, just as a guess.

Yeah that's what I think too. It will be added as a form of catching up for new members. or maybe an event quest.

@Karma @AlVaRo0515 Yeah, I'd be cool with it if it was like... a year from now. But what I worry about is that it's going to be put in within the first 3 months. Which will remove any and all challenges from the game.

Like as an example in JP we have 15* weapons. Maybe the weapon badges could give 14*s? That way they're effectively catching up later down the road, but not getting close to best in slot. I'd be okay with that.

Edit: Yes I did check out the badge shop and only saw 13* weapons, which is perfectly fine with me. It gets you geared enough for XH and the further challenges later in the game.

@Bashea Honestly with everything that JP PSO2 has implemented in the game, I would be perfectly okay with having content rolling out slowly. they have YEARS worth of content. releasing everything that JP PSO2 has now at launch would kill the game.

@AlVaRo0515 Right, I've been playing since JP beta and I've seen all the progress. See, I wouldn't be upset if they brought it up to speed at Ep6 with all the successor classes and such. But I really would like those classes to be balanced properly like the defaults. Because Hero, Phantom, and Etolie at level 20 with a crap weapon is stronger than a character from back in the day we worked our asses of for at level 60. If they could balance those classes to not come right out the package as "broken" then I'd be happy. I don't like the option to "settle for less" which is exactly what pso2 jp has done and I think really spoils the experience of becoming a good player.

@Bashea There are some classes that definitely need adjustments (FO/TE), but besides that its pretty even.

My Alliance and I were discussing featured, since in JP it has like what, 300% exp boost, and guaranteed wep badges for every clear? We were discussing maybe even doing it like Extreme or Advanced quests where you would need to grind Advanced, or Extreme to get the "Featured Pass"s. I know this isn't ideal to most people but honestly the JP version is too easy and it doesn't hold a value for a long time.

I understand that Featured in JP is supposed to catch new up new players/players on new classes / characters. But it really does make the game too easy IMO.

@Bashea You have to understand that PSO2 JP is so ahead and the game is 7 years old. They need these types of things in order for new players or people that want to catch up to speed with new content can do so quickly. Many MMOs do this after a while the game has been out and new content becomes stale.

see altering drop charts and adding and removing core features killed PSO for me. i utterly abandoned all the private servers. i just wanted the vanilla experience. ditching FQs and making other tweaks like that murders the QoL for casual players too. those are the ones that drop in and level a bit, grab some of the arkscash cosmetics from the new scratches and then clog up lobby7. you call it cheap. i call it user retention. because some ppl only run those and the EQs.

tl:dr; keep Featured Quests because no one wants an MMO as a second job.

@CMDRWarSong There was a time in pso2 when people would stand in front of the Visiphone just watching the markets trying to snipe stuff, or just staying AFK on other stuff waiting for EQs. Lol.

featured quests are probably going to be added in open beta or full release