Event Rappy Rewards? Bingo & Froggy

hello. i am looking at some of the rewards here...


my BINGO sheet is already completed, but am still not so sure about this... are the rewards supposed to be random? like, i got all the rewards the in-game info said i would get from the bingo sheet, but the website shows more than what i was able to get.

i wasn't able to get the Rainy Day Rappy Talis Weapon Camo & Mag Device, or the Rainyan Mag Device.



and about the Froggy Rappy in the wild. the event page says there are unique rewards to this Froggy Rappy. i gotta say... they must be extremely rare. is there a trick to getting the loot? and what exactly is the loot we can get?


@BLaCKnBLu3B3RRY Check the bingo card event - if you completed the first one there's now a 2nd with more gifts, including the Rainyan Mag device 🙂

oh! thank you! lol that wasn't there before, and i only just now logged to to check since maintenance was finished. i guess they didn't add the next card til just then. this doesn't appear to be stated in any announcements that there would be two cards, or that one would be available only after the next maint. either way thanks!

also, do you know what kind of items we can get from hunting Froggy Rappy? or is this simply talking about the flowers you get during Xia's Client Order?

@BLaCKnBLu3B3RRY Sorry not in the game atm (can't get back in as start up is hanging....). I wanted to check if my 2 alts had the 2nd card when they hadn't finished the first.

2nd definitely wasn't there before maintenance so, yeah, it seems to have been added during maintenance. Regarding Froggy Rappy the only other drop I've seen from them is the Pepper Stem accessory (common drop, looks like a health item) so not sure if they drop other stuff.


ahh... i didn't get anything like that, but is cheap enough on the market. alrighty. well, that is cool beans. thank you very much 🙂