The update fixed everything and no your game isn’t downloading again

Launch the launcher, let it check the files, it downloads an update, launch the game and enjoy 0 lag, 0 problems.

did it fix the ghost files? or the game uninstalling itself once you restart your PC? did it release an actual uninstaller that removes the 80GB game and not just the 11GB launcher?

no, for me its fine before the update and I can play it yesterday and suddenly its nuked it self today. Now I need to do clean uninstall before reinstalling again.

Friend's client just deleted itself while running today's update, so at least that is still a thing.

Ya that's still waiting for Microsoft. It's probably tied in with their Windows 10 development schedule since the Store is a Windows component.

I have an issue I never had before:

Running a complete clean re-install after deleting pso2_bin entirely and running CCleaner on the registry after uninstalling it from the Microsoft Store. (Since pso2_bin isn't removed due to most of the files being downloaded from the game's launcher, rather than the MS Store.)

If it doesn't work after that, then it's a SEGA/Microsoft problem.

Oh good, "Works on my machine" syndrome again. I know someone who had to reinstall too. They've never used the tweaker. The launcher just went into not-responding at the end of its half-hour check and then after that it needed to redownload everything, probably as a result of a failed check.

Meanwhile, speaking of "fixed everything", let's talk about those apology packages. We all now know PC should have had a beta. We all know that PC missed out on 11 free unique and mostly non-tradeable cosmetic items from the beta. We now have an apology for issues caused by the lack of that beta: 10 EX-Cubes and 5 Triboost +100%s. To me that seems woefully inappropriate... I don't know about anyone else but I'd have preferred all those beta cosmetics. Can we get a real apology please? Because this situation still isn't "fixed".