Does the game Work now?

I have been gone for 2 Weeks and wanan know if the Windows version has been fixed yet or if i should wait few more month.

Popon! HI there, nope it still full of problems, they may have fix some of them... but they may had ad some of them.

Conclusion: Go play the JP version instead, it's just a waste of time here!

No idea. But it doesn't work for me after their so called "update" Maybe you get lucky and install it with no issues, but you never know 😄

Just use the tweaker it works.

Except that not even tweaker fixes some of the new issues they've introduced.

I can play it yesterday but today the game just nuked it self, I think Im gonna try tweaker install.

it will not work with tweaker you are just gonna waste time ( i did tried myself with no results.. and ending to uninstall everything )