Launcher doesnt start but skip to the game

So after todays maintenance, heres a new problem im facing. Try launching the game, it skip through the launcher, it doesnt popup, but the the pso2 game itself popup and went to the main menu scree, but when i try to join a ship of course it said i cant cause im out of date and i need to update it, but of course i cant update it, cause my launcher wont popup and it skip directly to launching the game itself.

I tried restarting and already check the windows app store to see if i need to update windows app store and gaming service and more.

so anyone have any ideas?

I am having this same issue came to the forums to see if there was any info

Sounds like you did the rename files stuff that fixed the lobby lag (not needed anymore) it skipped the launcher so it needs to be put back how it was.