Enable purchase Mission Pass Season 1 and 2 for PC players

Hola again bros! Dear PSO2 team i hope you all doing pretty well! I want to let you know a suggestion that we the pc players can buy the Mission Pass of Seasons 1 and 2 in some way because i find it a little bit of unfair that we cant get those rewards because the game wasnt launched yet on pc making us impossible to get them, please make it posible PSO2 Team i really love those rewards of those seasons, they're my favorite and im not allowed to get them in anyway possible 😕

Thank you for your time and best wishes to you all PSO2 Team!

Upping this (and even Mission making a return as PC players only had half the time which was impossible to do it all without paying for tiers). I feel so bad for PC players who missed out so I really hope something is done.

Thank you for supporting this suggestion it means a lot for me! Yeah i know right , those first two Mission Pass Season 1 & 2 they had really dope rewards that we PC players cant get it u,u