stop using million storm!

For clearing trash imo I feel like u get way more dps done spamming piercing arrow WHILE IN FIRST PERSON MODE. Especially when ur running thru mobs kiting them and lining them up behind you ,sometimes drop a gravity bomb just to help you and everyone else clear trash faster especially in ultimate quest. For boss and single target banish into peircing or master shot depending on how many hitboxes the boss has but imo i stay using piercing arrow because it charges faster which I love cause I move side to side all around the bosss and its so fun. unless you are lazy keep using million storm!

theres no dps meter in this game but I like to compare how much damage I do in the mining base uq I always hit first place barley picking up any crystals just focusing on mobs and bosses when the results pop up after the uq ends the game always gives me God of Destruction. Nemesis>Slave Bow>katana if u dunno which braver to go katanas on ship 1 are more 2x more expensive than bows. 30 million for a katana(nemesis) and 12 million(nemesis) bow when bow just does way more dps imo bow braver is the way to go 🙂

Million Storm has its worth but not for most quest types like Bossing, or Point Collecting quests like Rain EQ where bosses spawn.

Meme Storm is only great against mobs you can down with 2-3 hit from storm while stationary. When it comes to things like PSE bursts where there's a lot of monsters spawn (1 per player in map), that's when Million storm finds its place where the group stays together and try to get cross bursts and increase chains/time as Zanverse can be used and such.

The skill seems strong for a new player but actually much weaker than piercing arrow PA combos which is the misconception most players don't understand.

I'm playing katana braver on controller and tried out bow for some content where it's good for but honestly, playing ranged classes with a controller is hell. Million storm so far seems to be only good for low level trash mobs and Extreme quest meseta farming where you can clear a whole room with just one full activation.

As for piercing arrow am I supposed to use charged shots or just spam it uncharged? Both ways I feel it eats up my pp like a muscle car eats fuel.

Yea.. as a bow user and a person that use the damage training facility, I can tell u that million bow and torrential arrow do almost same damage. Hell my normal charge shot does more damage than my piercing shot charge. Real difference is how they do it. If I can stand still I use million and if I need to move I use torrential. Same with piercing, I use it if I need to move constantly. But saying that it does less damage like that means I don't really c what u r doing in the game. Also that u don't know that there's a place to check damage out put, suggest u play Jap version just following meta.

@Rafahil893 When it comes to penetrating arrow, it depends on whether or not charging it is needed. For instance, in the case that you're kiting mobs and they're at a straight line towards you, you can charge to wipe the whole group with head shots (highly recommend to z-aim). When it comes to bossing, you tend to not charge your penetrating arrow and shoot it uncharged because you will be doing your banishing combos to get those big numbers going.

It's something people should need to know when starting bow:

  • It's a very PP reliant weapon (mainly because your banishing combos), so it's an expensive weapon to play with.
  • It's difficult to use because you need to understand your PA, and weapon first. Not to mention being able to position yourself when against different bosses to make use of weak stance.
  • High skill ceiling, the learning curve for bow is quite high compared to other weapons as it forces you to understand the game mechanics to play efficiently.

Watching a fellow Braver use Million Storm on Apos Dorios the other night during the Luther UQ hurt me in a way I don't think I can accurately bring to words.

Please - don't use Million Storm. It seems super powerful, it seems super cool, but almost every other Bow PA we have is better than it is. Even Penetrating Arrow is better at trash clearing than Million Storm is. There's just no real practical reason to use it over any other PA.

what if you just being lazy and are playing for fun? lol

@BattedBoot54653 I'm going to have to disagree tbh, I've tested this and million storm saves more PP if you just spam it on mobs and piercing arrow is better for bosses if you're doing ultimate quests its definitely better to spam million storm than to spam piercing arrow because you're going to run out of PP faster. It's not about being lazy its about being efficient with your PP

million storm is fine for mob i guess, i use it too most of the time because... well it just regular mobs. but for boss yeah i rather use master shot (non charge if rapid fire is on) or piercing if the boss is on "plus" size.

for endgame million storm on boss is definitely bad, but if you are still like level 40-60ish, million storm on boss, especially when they down is surprisingly fine (just dont forget the banish arrow first), dont forget that at these level people dont care with their affix, even more if they just playing casually and dont care with min maxing stuff

these people, like me probably sitting on 110-120ish pp and no way in hell they going to do banish combo with that pp. in fact i think you shouldnt use banish combo when your pp is below 150.

i try it on rockbear practice (iam still level 57) and banish + final nemesis/piercing/master with banish + million storm... the total damage is actually not that much (more or less around 20-30K damage with million storm on the bottom obviously)

so yeah, at "casual" level, i think its fine being million storm regular. when you are at 80/80 though.... million storming on boss will probably get you killed.. fast lol

@ShAdY113 said in stop using million storm!:

what if you just being lazy and are playing for fun? lol

Or what if you are a older player too

Except fighting big bosses, million storm is fine

million storm is for lack of a better word garbage. It's not that you'll ever use it but, outside of a pse burst ur really never gonna use it. It's damage is far too low for most situations, u can piercing arrow, chase/banish combo anything much faster