Dark Mastery, Light Mastery

For the new ultimate quests which is better to use...? Fire on Lillipa and Ice in Nav. Like their element weakness suggests or would using dark or even light with mastery be more powerful than using the respective weakness. Another way to ask... If the mammoths are weak to ice would it be better as a Techter to use ice against it or would dark/light still be better given the mastery bonus to light and dark?

Honestly if your a te/hu your master does not matter that much because crafted techs are not in the game yet. When remigid type-0 is here dark will be your go-to. Most of your strength comes from photonic bursts that your wand does. Techs will be used more for changing your wands element with alternat e change ring. If you had to choose, probably light since most stuff is weak to light, but that will change once crafting gets in game. If you want to use tech then te/fi or te/su is more suitable.

@johnnyg818 I appreciate that. Thanks for the info and reply