Open ship 10 or......

........Not it's cool, it is completely your decision.

In all honesty, do you guys feel that they will open any new ships with them being under constant maintenance for the past 2 weeks? They did say that they had a back up plan in case things get worse. Guess we are moment's away from finding out. There are still a lot of problems with PC release, but has it been feeling like the game is playable for most of you who where experiencing issues or is it about the same? I honestly feel like things have been getting better, but that's just my opinion.

Population on Ship 2 (the most populated ship on NA ?) dropped down to ~40% max at peak times i don't see a need for a new ship.

@AnonMarc I am wondering if it is because of the amount of blocks added or people quitting the game. In that case I wonder if all ships now have the same amount of blocks?

There are a lot of things that need to be addressed. The team has no doubt been under a lot of pressure to get things fixed, I am sure the issues with Microsoft store and the technical issues are taking number one priority with them but there are some big topics that people want addressed asap.

  • Ship 04 being opened
  • The character height restriction removed
  • The call for more in game moderation

I'd say those three topics are the big three hot topics right now that everyone is waiting for some kind of reply on the devs. So once things settle which should be soon they should be addressed. Then again the devs might not give two cents about them anyway.

@ERICK001BC No idea if new blocks were added, some did quit due to not liking the game. Tho the reason for the server being full and the crash is just people taking time off work / staying up until the server opened to play during the launch days. Same thing happens during launch in almost every popular-ish mmo release, population spikes close to server annihilation then it mellows out as people start playing during their convenient times.

Will edit post with the # of blocks in ship 2 when the game comes back from maintenance.

ship3 hasn't been that busy

when are patch notes released

@SayKassandra Not too sure about NA but usually patch notes come after or right before the server goes up.

2h 8m left of maintenance

Constant maintenance? I only joined last weekend, and the only maint so far is the weekly maint. Weekly maint is normal for many asian MMOs - JP PSO2 still maint every week for ~6hrs

@AnonMarc said in Open ship 10 or......:

@SayKassandra Not too sure about NA but usually patch notes come after or right before the server goes up.

2h 8m left of maintenance

Thankiessss hugs

@Zizel I agree, not to mention Mission Pass trade ability and Alliance update. I really love your signature btw, if I was a little more tech savvy I would try it.

@AnonMarc I know they added a few more on Ship 1, Surprisingly enough a few numbers where missing from the blocks (Example Block 110,111,112,114 exist but 113 does not. (My alliance wanted to leave the bad behavior of our Block 13 to 113, but it was not there.)

They need to bring out content, afair even xbox has been the same stagnant content since it's release, they are so far behind and if they don't push it biweekly or even monthly then just like all the other phantasy star online's over in north america will die sighs ... I REALLY want this one to succeed over here too ...