Proper 4K "Virtual" Fullscreen Support

I'm playing the game in Virtual Fullscreen (Why the fancy naming? It's supposed to be called Borderless Windowed.) but the resolution of the game is stuck at 1080p (I think? MAY BE actually smaller than that...) due to the fact that Virtual Fullscreen's resolution output is tied to Windows UI Scaling function rather than, oh... y'know...


Really hoping that this is fixed in the current maintenance that's going on, but if not, I'd at least rather like to let the devs know what's wrong so that they can fix it in the future.

Got to your documents and inside the pso2 folder there is a file called user.pso2 open it with a text editor, then search for Windows and force the resolution there

Windows = {

    Width3d = 2560,

    Height3d = 1080,

    DisplayNo = 0,

    Width = 3440,                      <---- set to 3840

    DisableMemoryOptimize = false,

    FullScreen = false,

    Height = 1440,                       <----- set to 2160

    VirtualFullScreen = true,

    DisableDirectX9Ex = false,

    ManagedDevice = false,

@AnonMarc The Virtual Fullscreen resolution...

Has been tied to Windows UI Scaling.

Changing the Resolution in the PSO.bin...

Does sweet eff all.