are nem weapons worth it?

so i currently have a rikauteri +31 is it worth it to buy a nem weapon for around 9m meseta? are they that much better to be worth it?

Yes, in the sense that having unconditional damage bonus Potentials is more beneficial and the ~14% higher Pwr is a significant boost, giving a ~10% overall damage boost, not to mention the PP cost and damage reductions.

However, unless you are hardpressed for needing to upgrade, 9mil might not be worth it for ~15000 more damage out of a Final Nemesis, and it may be more worth your time and money to hunt for one yourself.

If you plan to get a nem bow, it would be good to buy it if you can upgrade on the spot to an attack value higher than your current so the potential become more valuable.

The minor atk difference does add up for bows, so it does benefit having a bit more attack so you can one hit trash mobs making runs like AQ runs much smoother.

Another thing to note is that a +35 Nemesis weapon is one of the required weapons for an Austere weapon.

What bow is better for ranged braver slave or nemesis?