Idea for Gunblade build?

hello. i was hoping to maybe get around to building a loadout that uses Guard Stance from Hunter and a gunblade with Practiced Guard on it.

how long though the game could one reasonably expect to keep such a build updated? like, are there enough gunblades throughout the game with Practiced Guard? high-end gunblades too?

this seems like a somewhat impractical build. could it severely gimp a character? would such a build have any viability, or even really be feasible?

any ideas? anyone?




P.S. i am a pretty crappy video gamer all around. no skills... sorry! well, after switching to Summoner it has been easier to play than with Hunter. but that doesn't rule out other possible ways to play. and regardless of how good i can, or can't, get with any class, they will eventually all get leveled just for the hell of it. and even maybe one day find that perfect build/combo! ^_^

Currently, Gunblades just cannot be used for truly viable builds; they are just not built to be a main weapon. Guard Stance with a Gunblade is not great, even with Practiced Guard, since Gunblade's lack of a Guard action doesn't allow you to trigger Advanced Guard Stance, effectively leaving it weaker than just using Fury Stance. Additionally, the majority of high-end weapons that will be coming out don't have unique Potentials like that, rather the whole series will have a uniform damage up style potential with secondary effects.

As a novelty kind of thing, have fun and make a Gunblade build you would like to experiment in, but be aware that it would not be something you want to take in to end game content where you are not just running with friends.

Honestly, if you want to run Gunblade seriously, it is best to wait for them to release more info on the upcoming Gunblade-focused Scion class that was teased on the JPN server. Since Scion classes take existing weapons and completely re-do the mechanics and PAs of them, the way that Gunblade is used on it will more than likely allow it to be on par with meta builds.

This is a spoiler of the upcoming Gunblade-focused Scion class:

awesome! thank you for your responses.

gunblade really piqued my interest, because it can be equipped by all classes. it felt like a good choice to collect a few and get them upgraded for future usage. imma still do that, just for the sake of it. there will come a day when this will interest me again. ^_^

For meme purposes only, i would do a focusless Fi build for gunblade. Boosting dmg with Overload and taking some tankiness from Hu, choice between Iron Skill or Automate for surviving the memes and maxing out a single Flash Guard for % based damage reduction to counteract the increased dmg taken from Fury in the early levels, and reducing dmg overall in endgame content. And maybe even take Step Advance (increased i-frames to step dodge) to have a guaranteed method of avoiding damage. FOR MEME PURPOSES ONLY, for those who take this game far too seriously.

@BLaCKnBLu3B3RRY Same! its he only weapon I actually liked using (aside from Katana) so if that Class is coming to NA at any point im going for that asap xD

i think you can use RA / something to boost R-ATK parts, like aimed fire and the range portion of strezwei but that limits you to even more and is lower dps than FI/HU i think. (this is based on very old information i have in my head, nobody plays gunblade enough so i don't know what current options are)

When speaking about damage, the biggest problem is that Gunblade uses both M-ATK and R-ATK for different PA's meaning you will need a build that doesn't leave either of them out, FI/HU is a solid choice.

All things considered it's a dead weapon, that outside from some TA uses isn't really that good, also personally i find it a bit awkward to play especially considering the highest DPS PA locks you in place for a solid 2 seconds without a guard option and the last hit of that PA is the strongest so cancelling it is terrible.

Gunbladers can truly rise up once the Scion class releases, let's hope it doesn't overkill in terms of balance like PH / ET did.