Suggestion for Gunblade?


1.) maybe add some tech power?

2.) instead of Range Power to equip, maybe have it based on level of your current main class?

overall, it seems this weapon has a huge amount of potential. being that is every class can equip it. now... i am still fresh to this game and am only like level 50-something on a couple classes. so, maybe i just need to give it more time...

but it certainly seems to me, even without adding tech power, the weapon equip requirement should set by level and not power. not only is it set by range power, but its melee power is higher.



all-in-all, i really like the idea of the gunblade. and have been building one or two for usage later on. but can't help to notice they are difficult to equip by some classes. even at lv75, i imagine there will be gunblades impossible to equip by certain classes without extra tech from the proper sources, if even at all.

correct me if i am wrong! thank you!

There's going to be a fourth Scion/Successor class that is based around the gunblade. I don't think it's even out in JP yet.

that is interesting, but if the weapon can be equipped by all classes... then shouldn't it really be so?

the weapon has great skills for multiple styles of gameplay, and you can easily change this up on-the-fly to suit any situation. it would be awesome to see it more easily equipped. i don't think it is an unreasonable suggestion, because the weapon would still be equipped within reasonably expected level ranges a class with the appropriate Range Power could equip it at. it wouldn't be as if the change would allow characters/classes to become over-powered at any particular level range.

at any rate, my biggest concern is maybe wanting to go for a particular build with maybe something like Ranger+Hunter while using a gunblade that has Practiced Guard. i am not a very skilled player and this seem like it could be a good all-rounder idea that will help make overall gameplay for me easier.

but depending on the Main Class being used, i have concerns it will eventually become impossible for me to equip the next gunblade.

is there anything i really need to be worried about? are my concerns unfounded? i mean... it is already difficult to equip at expected levels when compared to a weapon more appropriate for your current class. my lv54 Hunter can't equip one that has ~530 MEL, whereas the sword it uses has ~700 MEL.

gunblades are weaker than swords, but also attack faster and are more versatile to different situations. i just think it is strange it can be equipped by all classes, but not always so within the expected level range(s).

there are concerns about this and wasting lots of time and effort towards any particular build using gunblades.

again, maybe i am wrong about it all. are my concerns unfounded? i don't might if certain particular builds require more difficulty/time to develop, but also don't want it to be a wasted effort.

any ideas?

@BLaCKnBLu3B3RRY said in Suggestion for Gunblade?:

but if the weapon can be equipped by all classes

Every other weapon has at least one (sometimes even good statted weapons at 13-Star+, like the unique weapons badge rods) that can be equipped by all classes.

@coldreactive said in Suggestion for Gunblade?:

@BLaCKnBLu3B3RRY said in Suggestion for Gunblade?:

but if the weapon can be equipped by all classes

Every other weapon has at least one (sometimes even good statted weapons at 13-Star+, like the unique weapons badge rods) that can be equipped by all classes.

extenuating circumstances... that seems like a rather special-case scenario. if a player wanted to use one of those weapons that doesn't suit the play style of a particular class, they may have to rebuild from the ground up pretty much everything.

that is a totally reversed scenario in which the player must adapt their character build to suit the weapons play style. whereas the gunblade is adapted to suit various play styles across multiples classes. at least, that is the impression i get from gunblade.

I'd like to see the requirement changed or at least reduced as well. Particularly since so many of them require very high DEX stat (which, unless you're using Bouncer or Braver Dex is an almost entirely worthless stat nobody puts any points into making a large percentage of Gunblades unusable).

Giving them higher Tech stats so they can be a viable choice for Force, Techer, and Bouncer would be great. But they really need an all-encompassing buff to base damage more than anything else. Even a Force's Rod (especially with Rod Shot perk) makes for a more menacing melee/ranged combo weapon than most Gunblades and that just should not happen. Not saying they should outstrip every other weapon type but they shouldn't be completely and utterly outstripped by EVERY weapon type, either.

And no, personally I don't think the as-yet unreleased Gunblade-focused Scion class is the solution, either. Every class can use Gunblades, they should be a viable option for every class. I love the concept and potential of this weapon type but right now they're just sad.


i think it would be great to see it more easily equipped by all classes. and then provide a little extra for classes that use TEC the most.

i have considered class skills that don't require points to unlock. just give the classes that have trouble equipping Gunblade certain skills. also, not just TEC based classes, but MEL based classes too. so several classes appear to have some trouble equipping Gunblades.

just have a skill that change the equip requirement. and maybe even a skill to modify parameters some.



all-in-all, the weapon can be equipped by every class. i just think it would be great to see this better accommodated. i am not saying anything is broken. it would just make the Gunblade more meaningful, in my opinion. 🙂

It does feel immensely frustrating that the one true "all class" weapon is so useless and requires the most unused stat to equip, meaning you basically have to purposefully tailor your skill tree to equipping it but it's still going to be garbage. One would think Bouncer and especially Braver would at least be able to excel with it as both focus on DEX and Braver specifically translates DEX into MEL and RNG perfectly fitting the Gunblade's dual stat structure. Yet even running a combination of Gunner and Ranger to give every boost to RNG can't make the ranged mode normal attack viable for anything other than needling enemies for PP, and even Hunter and Fighter combos jacking up MEL can't make the melee mode feel viable in the slightest.

I don't expect them to be the be-all, end-all of DPS but they should at least be "competitive" enough to be worth using. And definitely need more tech-supporting options. I mean really, who isn't intrigued by the idea o a gunblade-wielding battle mage? Even if they're never "as powerful" as Rods, Wands, or Talises they can still be a heck of a lot better than what they are. Versatility should not require sacrificing all utility.

@BLaCKnBLu3B3RRY Should watch this. PSO2 - Gunslash Boss Rush (FiHu) This is back in 2017 when the level cap is at 80. Shouldn't be much of a difference when NA gets a level 80 cap.