Mission Pass Season End

Your article here: https://pso2.com/news/announcements/missionpassseason3 says that the season will end 6/9 at 5PM PDT. I think in Game it said even later than that like 8PM PDT or so. I got home from work late (east coast) and the season looks like it has ended early. I had 7 unclaimed points and was going to do the dailies (completed the kill 100 monsters with bouncer), then buy the next two tiers with star gems. Now I can't.

Is there any way for you to assist me in buying the next 3 tiers (22, 23, 24) with star gems? In the future what time can I actually expect this to change?

im glad im not the only one caught off guard by incorrect end time =/... well not glad cause it sucks for both of us missing out on rewards.