🌈[Ship 2] (LGBTQ+) New Alliance for LGBTQIA+ community members and fierce allies! (+discord) 🌈

Welcome fellow ARKS! We are a newly formed alliance with the Windows 10 NA launch we've established a friendly, welcoming and helpful alliance for our community members to gather and socialize in game, and out! We hope to hear from you soon.

Alliance Name: LGBTQ+


  • Ship: 2

  • Alliance Level: 4

  • Main Class: Any

  • Timezone: Any

  • Playstyle: Casual to Hardcore

  • Inactivity sweep at 1 week

  • Discord not Required, but preferred! Voice comms are NOT REQUIRED!

  • https://discord.gg/HgYp4eQ

  • Please join Discord, and send leadership a message to join in-game today!

Updated Discord link. If you're interested, don't hestitate to join today!