mining base: despair bug - quest continues solo after failure as seen in the video, the quest goes into a state of limbo and i can still get exp, items, etc. despite all the mining bases being dead. pardon the quality, i don't usually record so i was just using microsoft's built-in windows 10 recording

@lilyraineve was the game full when that happened? Everyone else quit out on their own?

Was it during an Urgent Quest or a Trigger Quest?

@John-Paul-RAGE Urgent, and yeah it was full up until that point. i'm not sure whether everyone else quit out manually or not because it pretty much immediately transitioned into the bugged state shown in the video when the mining bases ran out of hp

@lilyraineve it may have been a very rare bug. Could be at the exact moment you were supposed to get the prompt to be kicked your client lagged enough to ignore it.

I would submit that video as well as the specifics in a ticket at