ORACLE NEXUS - A PS02 Fanmade video series

Going live in 20 mins.

Book 1 is [Complete].

It will be some time until my script editor and I are ready to start on book 2.


I forgot to mention that myself (and some of the ORACLE NEXUS roleplayers) have begun migrating to our home Alliance located on Ship 1. I have also created a character on Ship 3 because I heard some of the roleplayers have flocked over there.

Say hi ingame if you spot us and we hope you're enjoying Book 1!

I'm back~

With the first season having concluded a month ago, I present the promotional poster for our second season!

No confirmed release date yet. Hopefully late 2020.

On S2 promo poster with font.png

Next up, a behind the scenes video that explains what goes into making an episode of this project. You may be surprised!