ORACLE NEXUS - A PS02 Fanmade video series

Going live in 20 mins.

Book 1 is [Complete].

It will be some time until my script editor and I are ready to start on book 2.


I forgot to mention that myself (and some of the ORACLE NEXUS roleplayers) have begun migrating to our home Alliance located on Ship 1. I have also created a character on Ship 3 because I heard some of the roleplayers have flocked over there.

Say hi ingame if you spot us and we hope you're enjoying Book 1!

I'm back~

With the first season having concluded a month ago, I present the promotional poster for our second season!

No confirmed release date yet. Hopefully late 2020.

On S2 promo poster with font.png

Next up, a behind the scenes video that explains what goes into making an episode of this project. You may be surprised!

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Work on Book 2 is underway. I'm redrawing all of the current portraits along with the new characters making their debut. Gratzi_pod, My script editor has completed the first chapter for this season, no ETA when the next ones will be sent to me.

The opening intro won't be ready this year. Expect it to come out during Book 2's run.

Been a while.

The first episode for season 2 will be airing on the 16th. A special stream will be on the 15th at 8pm est via twitch.


I'll be in the process of updating the first post. Some announcements:

I'm getting a new computer in January, meaning the videos from season 2 and onward will be 1080 p. And we have a twitter now.

Thanks for reading.

Can't wait to see the continuation!

Hello there.


Long overdue bump.

New video will be live streamed this sunday night at 7:30pm est at

edit work decided to update my hours last minute. We'll be starting 30 mins earlier(7:30 now instead of 8:00) than originally planned.

Book 2, Chapter 2, Part 1:

Amazing work, once again!


part 2 will be live streamed tonight at 5:30pm PST. we'll be showing off part 1 again as a refresher.