ORACLE NEXUS - A PS02 Fanmade video series

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Posters Drawn and Colored by: Killrodx


Based on a Roleplay Campaign (October 2015 - January 2019), 'ORACLE Nexus' is a webseries set primarily in the online hit Action RPG from Japan, Phantasy Star Online 2, and drawing from other source material. The story is based on a roleplay campaign written by a group of players, and filmed and directed by Killrodx, that mixes elements of machinima, live gameplay, visual novel, and theatre, that seeks to deliver a classic science-fantasy experience in a new unique format.





Book 1 Playlist:

Air Date: February 25th, 2019 - May 22nd, 2020

Book 1takes place during episodes 2 & 3 of PSo2 and is planned to be 10 Chapters. Chapters 1 - 8 contain spoilers of the story in PSo2.

Book 2 playlist

Killrodx is the Producer, Director, Editor and Artist.

Gratzi_Pod is the Script Editor.

WaterLag assists with the music selection.

final notes

  • The artwork, dialogue, quality of footage and lack of voice over narration may turn some viewers off.

  • The name ORACLE NEXUS is not meant to be a rip-off of Episode ORACLE. We did not come up with a name until January 31st, 2016.

  • Names, Locations and terms are taken from the chatlogs from our time playing on the JP servers. They may be updated in future chapters.

Thanks for taking the time to check out ORACLE NEXUS! I will happily answer non-spoiler questions when I am able to.

Sometimes we do live stream premieres on twitch:

This is very well put together, I will be checking this out over time. I recommend this to anyone who is bored and got done with the PSO2 animations to check this story out. Good work!

@Rzarcasm Thanks for checking our series out!

@Killrodx Oh here's a familiar face. ^.^ Can't wait for Chapter 9 to start.

@The-Question "I HAVE ANSWERS" : D

Hi all, Chapter 9 Part 1 will be finished tomorrow!

I'll be live streaming the video that same night at 8pm eastern before it goes up on youtube.

Just a small update. Part 2 of Chapter 9 is under way. Completion is.. 25%.

This is pretty cool @Killrodx ! wasn't even aware this sort of thing had been done for PSO2... only ever ran into the occasional fanart and posed screenshot.

@Leonkh99 - Thanks for the comment. How are you liking the story at the moment?

For everyone else, part 2 of Chapter 9 will be live streamed this Sunday night at 8pm eastern. Check the first post for the twitch channel.

This is really cool! I really like how it's all setup and I know absolutely nothing about PSO/PSU all that, so it's really interesting watching it blindly.

@Clain Thanks.

Gratzi, my script editor is making sure viewers not familiar to the source material can be eased in.

I'll let him know you're enjoying the story.

@Killrodx , sorry for the delayed response! ^^;

I have unfortunately been a bit busy with projects of my own + Uni so I haven't been able to give to give it my full attention (started from the beginning also). That said, what little I saw has been very interesting for sure! I do hope I can catch up to the latest chapter some time though. xD

@Leonkh99 - life priorities. I can dig that.

I have an update for everyone. The last chapter for this season may not be ready until may.

I have some things coming. And lots of drawing to do.

I'm doing what is called a "Bump".

Hi all,

I wanted to provide some updates and why I've been quiet.

Last week I was promoted at my job to a supervisor/department manager title. And today I was approved for a new apartment.

I will be moving my things throughout April. This means work on Chapter 10 is on hold.

I've spent the month of March making progress on the new feature that is debuting. And I'm almost 20% finished on the ending credits.

I hope to be up and running again soon.

Chapter 10 will be premiering tomorrow night at 9pm eastern on my twitch.

Tuning in will showcase all chapter 10 content whereas each video will be uploaded onto youtube over the span of three weeks.

Hope to see y'all there and caught up with the first season.