Mission Pass Season 4 came out early for me...?


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Wasn't this supposed to release at 5pm PDT?

I used my gold ticket before it was rolled back to the current mission pass. Now my golden ticket disappeared....

Same thing happened to me, I used it expecting it to be used on S4 since I could view it, but it looks like it unlocked for S3 instead of S4 and now I can't see S4 anymore.

Yup, rolled back for me as well, also used a golden ticket. Hopefully that ticket will still count for when it actually comes out.

I'm just gonna bump this, hopefully this gets resolved and all of you get your tickets back!

Ok so its not just me seeing this. i wondered what was going on. i had no new quests to award stars yet the new season started. then POOF it just disapeared again.

Posting here as well to confirm that I also used a Mission Gold Pass. I'm hoping they have some way to cache our progression / what we did.

On certain blocks you will see the season 4 pass instead of S3.

If you used as Mission Pass while S4 was "active", then the ticket was used towards S4.

You can't use multiple tickets on the same season.

But what about those of us who used the ticket when we saw S4 up but did not use a ticket for S3, it looks like it activated for S3 and I can no longer see S4. It doesn't help that SEGA doesn't have a real support ticket system.

@Speakofthedead they do have one, through the support website.

Try going to block 120 and looking at your mission pass.

Can confirm, Season4 shows up on block 118 - Ship 2.

Thats a really bizarre bug.

@rumlefisk93 Those blocks live in the future.

Can confirm it's happening on Ship 3 as well.

Block 138 - new mission pass and Dark Omens / Fun Scratch are missing. Change to block 30 and the mission pass is the previous season + the scratch cards are back.

@Meowsmix is the new scratch up?

@John-Paul-RAGE Nope.

Edit: Now it is, SEGA Legacy scratch.