[SHIP 3] ARKS Academy (89/100 Members) - Casual/Friendly - Beginner/Veteran - Discord

Up to 82 members so far.

Tree buff 'Rare Drop Rate Up' increased to level 7.

Updated today with 84 members.

Updated with 85 members today.

We have also started welcoming non-alliance members as friends in our discord, provided we all get along. However, advertising and recruiting for other alliances is not allowed in our discord and will likely result in a ban from our discord.

Not quite as many active players logging in regularly as of late, but we're still growing and going at it!

Maxed out 'Rare Drop Rate Up' last night.

Up to 90 members now.

Up to 92 members.

Looking to do more ultimates.

We have well over 30 active players who logged in between today and yesterday.

I noticed this because I removed over a handful of inactive members who were no longer in our discord.

We also purchased more buff ranks, as indicated in the pic.

Our activity participation requirements are starting to be enforced now, as we are having to remove inactive players to make room for new active players.

Updated today with 2 new players. One of them was another alliance union.

Just one more rank to go in 'EXP Rate Up'!

Down to 88 members due to clearing out some of our inactive players.

Up to 89 members as of today, and we just purchased Rank 8 (max) of 'EXP Earned Up!'