[SHIP 3] ARKS Academy (89/100 Members) - Casual/Friendly - Beginner/Veteran - Discord

Up to rank 65, 52 members.

+1 member = 53.

It looks like we are comfortable with rank 65 today. 😄

Up to 54 players today, though I've noticed a few inactive ones lately.

A lot of throw away guilds are dropping like flies, leaving dedicated players to look for active guilds.

We got one for you 🙂

Purchased level 4 rare drop up (6%), today.

Also, we are super excited to hear about 'New Genesis' which was announced today. It looks like a fantastic update to the PSO2 game system and the graphics engine. Wow, what a massive update! Can hardly wait.

Up to 56 members.

Looks like we lost a couple ranks too, due to some of our members being less active.

I guess it's time to retire to the casino and talk about "the good old days!"


We are still looking for more active players!

I joined this alliance because I'm a casual player looking for like minded just want to have fun, no worries if I don't gear perfectly, group for the bonuses the game allows. This is a great alliance for that, as all are friendly and inviting. This alliance has been so helpful and if it sounds like something you would be interested in, definitely check our discord.

Up to 61/100 today.

Running more VHAQs to get the last of our classes up 75 before the level cap increases August 5th.

Are you excited for Steam release? We are - come join us on Ship 3!

Back up to the top we go!

S/O to Atearna for having the same profile picture as my desktop background.

Bump cuz' relativity.

Up to 71 members today.

Promoted two more officers to help keep our officers team active and available throughout the day.

Up to 75 members.

Very busy with episode 4 content currently.

Up to 78 players today.

Steam release has helped boost our member count - it's good to have fresh blood! 😄