[SHIP 3] ARKS Academy (89/100 Members) - Casual/Friendly - Beginner/Veteran - Discord

Up to 38 members now.

Our tree, whom we've lovingly named 'Groot', is growing big and strong!

The best PSO2 wiki for NA: https://pso2na.arks-visiphone.com/

Class bonus stats for reaching level 75

These are account wide and can only be obtained once.


Pic courtesy of bumped.org

P.S., we're up to 39 members now!

We are up to 41 players and the day isn't over yet!

By the way, have you seen the class build compendium? https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1C0M7it7m2g2GXjynWaud9wNh9IRDMquwX_9UT34UFSQ/htmlview#

Are you leveling up your gathering?

You may want to because crafting is coming!

Though it's a little dated, here's some info about gathering to get you started: https://www.reddit.com/r/PSO2/comments/fnqlb3/a_quick_and_dirty_guide_for_gathering_in_pso2/

Make sure you get all the skill points for your class!

The total you should have by end game currently is 75+5+5+4 (10 from quests, 4 more from 10 class cubes).

Every class has a trainer in the gate area that awards you some through quests.

Up to 43 members, with more on the way!

Up to 45 active members today so far, and moving up the ranks to 80th place.

here a classic bump

TGIF! Up to 47 members and rank Alliance AP rank 76.

48 members, rank 71.

Still climbing that ladder!

Biggity Bump!

I have been in the alliance/guild for a little over a month now and everyone is friendly . we help each other out and it usually easy to find some to run the VHAQ. The Guild is usually Talkative either on discord or in game chat. Atm i am trying to get all my jobs to 75 for the bonus. and i have a few helping me to do it. I am almost done with it and i don't mind helping others out. we all help each other out. and i love it i am 1000% happy i joined. so if your reading this come check us out the discord link is in the main post on top.

Up to 51 members, rank 70.

New weekly AP points to get, so we'll see if we can climb a few more ranks this week!

here's a nice bump! come check us out on block 15!