[SHIP 3] ARKS Academy (89/100 Members) - Casual/Friendly - Beginner/Veteran - Discord

ARKS Academy is currently recruiting active players!

Updated: Sept 24, 2020

Beginners, veterans, and mature players of all ages are welcome!

We offer a friendly, relaxed environment to learn and enjoy the game at your own pace.

If you are interested in joining please send me (Bette#8483) a direct message on Discord and I will give you an invitation.



  • Rank: max rank + bank/buffs
  • Language: English
  • Type: Casual, Friendly
  • Time zone: NA evenings are the most active
  • Communication: Discord and chat in-game


Current Buffs:


I'm not new or anything, but I would like to join, could I have a link to the discord server and how many people are in it?

@ColinGillz A couple players have asked to join but they haven't logged in yet, so it's still just my husband and I. If you join, that would increase our population by 1/3 however, making it more attractive to some players to join! 🙂

I can give you a discord link once I finish setting it up, sure.

Edit: sent you a PM with the discord link, and updated the first post to include it as well.


Updated the original post, including instructions on how to join.

Added two more members - welcome Phantira and DanteTheDead!

Up to 10 active members now, rank 4 and have an Alliance bank!

Congrats everyone on hitting level 5. I'm glad I joined you all, as the alliance is super friendly and I can play at my own pace without any judgment.

Friendly bunch, hoping to get more people in! Good mix of people with different amounts of experience learning with each other.


We are 12 players strong now, obtained rank 5 a couple days ago.

Growing our Alliance tree for some awesome buffs is our next major goal!

If you are looking for a chill friendly alliance to join, I 100% recommend this one. Great group of people. Thanks for letting me join!

iIts a nice laid back group for beginners and everyone actually trys to help which is nice! deff a good alliance to check out if youre looking!

Great job everyone! 😊 hoping everyone here is enjoying the game as well as being part of this alliance. Also, don't forget to visit the announcement tab for the latest news and events! During the epidemic, I hope everyone is healthy and safe. 💞

Thanks GM Sohee! ❤

something of a small bump

that fantastic bump

We're at 20 members now. If you have any questions before joining or want to get a feel of how we are, feel free to check us out on Discord.