New Replica Sets in SG shop? (June 9th SG Store update)

Hello fellow Arks! I was wondering if anyone knew about the Replica sets Ursula, Emilia, and Kraz. Can the CAST race wear these replicas? On the order screen it says "This purchase might contain item(s) that cannot be used by your current character. Are you sure you want to buy it?" So I am a little worried about getting the one I want. Can anyone help me find this out? Thanks!

Apparently not, so big sad for us. #CastDiscrimination

@JacerOrigins Check this site out : from the description it does say "All" races can wear Ursula and Emilia replica costumes but, I'm not 100% sure. Also check out Fiona's daily FFS post on these forums. Fiona posts details on FFS items daily. Just Google "PSO2 Fiona" and it should pop up.

Good luck. 🙂


I asked some random guy i would risk it if it weren't 500+ quartz... I guess we need to wait for mod clarification?

Maintenance hasn't been performed yet.

@JacerOrigins it says all males. So cast can wear it too

Well if you will get 100% sure info. Please @ me too cause i was looking forward toward emilia set

if I click on it it says I may not be able to wear it, so it seems...not

They are wearable by CASTs since they are fixed-color single-piece Outfits. Only single-piece Outfits that are recolorable cannot be work by CASTs.

The "may not be able to wear it" warning is just a generic warning they put on everything.

@Atimesaku5002 I am a cast female and i bought the Emilia set. I'm able to wear it. 🙂

I don't even know what these costumes are from.

@Hatsodoom They are from Phantasy Star Portable 2.

It should be wearable. I personally wont buy it though. They release different colors in the shop while theyre in there sometimes, and since it doesnt include the hair its slightly cheaper. Plus theres a lot more things id rather save for than a pricey outfit that id wear every now and then.

Can the color be changed? Because there's no option for it on the item itself. I bought it and deeply regret it if I can't change the color.

@Mother-Vain They are all fixed color.