Will I get banned

The tweaker's been out for eight years and I know people who've been using it for at least five, say that they've never once had a problem with it, at least as far as security goes. It's very trustworthy.

@Wusscake If anything tweaker a more trustworthy launcher than the vanilla. Can't really trust what hidden software companies put into their programs these days can't even begin to list all the MMORPG companies I've seen incorporate spyware into their launchers.

@SonoVulpin I mean, Microsoft has released windows 10 updates that had massive security breaches in it, so I'd trust a group of random PSO2 fanboys over a mega corporation.


Speaking as someone who literraly wasted several hours tryng to fix the crap MS Store did to his PC and who attempted to install PSO2 SIX times, for your peace of mind follow this advice ->

@Zizel said in Will I get banned:

Unlikely, In fact, using the tweaker is a far better option then getting the game off the MS store, as doing so can and probably will cause you major headaches in the long run.

Better to just avoid the MS store altogether at this point.

I had problems with the Tweaker and went with Xbox companion APP and Installed PSO2 thru there. It seems to be stable its been smooth sailing so far.

Idk why people are saying the tweaker will get you banned unless they're trying to mess with OP. Bizarre topic lol But yeah, the tweaker isn't fool-proof unless you follow the directions verbatim. You have to trick Windows out of controlling the PSO2 files or else it will do the same thing it does with the MS Store download. The Xbox and Steam versions don't seem to need any help from the tweaker though.

@ApollosAmour I don't understand why silencer had to resurrect a two month old, long since abandoned thread.

@Anarchy-Marine To be mean I guess.

@ApollosAmour Seems more like the dude was projecting his personal stuff onto another player, by saying that he hoped OP got banned.

@Anarchy-Marine Well I hope nobody ended up getting banned, regardless lol The tweaker is obviously safe so there's no violation there.

@ApollosAmour One of the people behind the tweaker has even posted on these forums, and I've seen the GM's reply to them about the tweaker in a positive light.

@Anarchy-Marine Yeah, their policy on mods doesn't seem to contradict it either. Sega's pretty cool about fan things in general though so it'd be odd for them to take issue with it.

Has anyone bothered to just create a ticket and ask Sega? I mean... the tweaker has been around for quite a while so I doubt they care but if someone wanted a legit answer from Sega, submitting a ticket would be the easiest solution.

@Gamers-are-so-oppressed I'm pretty sure they've already commented on it. Deleting the thread is probably the best thing now so that false info isn't being spread.