[Ship 02] Elementum - A social/mid casual alliance with roots in EU


Welcome to the Elementum Alliance!

We reside on NA Server [Ship 02: Ur]

We are a casual and social alliance looking to have fun and learn once in a while something new from each other. With that said our main goal is to make the alliance to be a place to where we can come together, discuss interesting things and always feel you are welcome to be a part off as long as your are civil and behaving accordingly. We assume some degree of adultness and members behave accordingly. Doesn't mean we can't joke around but it's important our members can adjust themselves to be proper when needed or asked for.

Our alliance is based around EU, this doesn't mean we don't welcome someone else, but it's important to understand that this will impact the primary active hours for people and what hours we might plan events. Our main language is English and as long as you can communicate in said language you are more then welcome to apply to join.

The alliance is still fresh and small since the current crew is playing on PC version that haven't been out long enough for me personally to focus on the alliance part. But I now feel it’s time to shift my focus towards handling an alliance as well at the side of playing the game. With that said most of our communication will be placed on the discord server, which is also the easiest and probably quickest way to apply for joining the alliance. Our main target is PC players, but we welcome console players as well of course, but it might be handy to have a laptop or something at hand sometimes, that can handle the discord application.

We are looking for both newcomers and veterans, our philosophy is that there is no reason why newcomers couldn't become as good as a veteran with the right teachings. Therefore it's more important to us what you can contribute with in the long run. Maybe you are good with arts and want to contribute with said art in some way. Maybe you are more alpha and want to take a bigger role in leading and becoming an officer eventually leading the alliance to become even bigger and better. Or maybe you just want to be a ground soldier, giving your company a good laugh and a be solid member for missions that people can trust and rely on.

We are ARKS verified, LGBTQ friendly, unofficial UN certified and self proclaimed “best Alliance in the galaxy” just to brag a bit ❤ .

A few rules that we apply for everyone's pleasure:

  • Use a civil resolution on problems and behave when needed, also known as “being matured”
  • Asking once is always fine, but don't assume people will carry deadweight
  • Respect everyone for playing in their own way, and enjoying content in their own pace
  • Be weekly active at least once or twice, or notify if prolonged inactivity is assumed (mainly when alliance might be full, or you might get kicked)
  • A no is always a NO! 😁

Some personal words from me, the leader:

"This alliance is not what I as a leader makes it into, it's what we as members makes it into. With good community and good collaboration I believe we can get it much further. And that is why we need all elements of people to unite and work together to make this alliance go further."

If you have decided this is an alliance for you then you have at least three way to apply putting them in best to worst order. Primary way is through our discord which you can find at https://discord.gg/h87rgFP and then fill in a registration there. Alternative put a reply here with needed information, see template below. But it might take a bit longer since only I will be notified about it ‘probably’. To make it a bit easier for us you also need to apply in-game to the alliance through the use of visiphone and alliance search. Last option is to either just apply in game without any info and hope i find some time to whisper you back or try to whisper me while I'm online and state your wish to join.

We demand a unique name and not a PN number or similar as Player ID Name. If you wonder why this is important, there is two reason. One is that it’s much easier to search for people with said ID name. But also because it’s the only thing shown when people are offline, in the Alliance Member List. And it becomes too hard to keep track of members with only this random unique number. So for ours and yours sake as well, make sure to change it beforehand since it’s free anyway to do so once. If you have a legit reason otherwise then it can be discussed but that will be case to case scenario if we grant it to be so.

Player ID Name: [no PN number allowed]
Status: [newcomer/accustomed/veteran (from JP)]
Platform: [PC/Xbox]
Who are you:
[describe yourself a bit as a person]
Why you want to join:
[describe why you think we should add you into the alliance]

If direct contact is preferred i can be reached with Player ID Name: Hirajka

Just want to share to the public that we now have already increased the alliance member population by 100%.

These guys are great, highly recommend them!

We still got som space left, can't say for how long though. ❤

A selfish bump for verifying we are still actively searching for more members 😊

Hi! @Cromasure hoping you are enjoying the game with your alliance. Btw hoping you are all doing good and healthy during this pandemic. Wishing you a great day ahead! 💞

Even though the roots are in the EU we have plenty of NA players too, there's almost always at least one person online to play with.

Bump, come join us if you're interested!