i cannot buy AC because i live in Europe. any solution?

i setup my windows (not windows store, windows account for my pc) to USA, i changed timezone, i used a vpn, i tried buying in all possible ways from microsoft store: credit card, paypal.. then i was told to try gift cards. i tried buyng from amazon, playasia, microsoft store (i don't trust other resellers) all with new "american" accounts. payment got rejected every single time.

i don't understand how they don't want our money... or.. what am i doing wrong? should i try some woodoo magic to GIVE them money?

See that thread

For my part I purchased all my Gift Cards with a Swiss credit card on carddelivery.com and it worked fine (three purchases). They may ask you a confirmation by calling a phone number in the US or sending a proof of ID for purchases above $50. But in any case they were pretty fast in sending the gift card code (<10mn).

@Utahime39 you bought for xbox or pc? i'm still not sure if i need to buy an xbox gift card or a microsoft one for the microsoft pc store...

anyway, there should be an easier way to purchase them. it makes no sense that we are out of regular and safe sources

@Derolade Yes, XBox Gift Card and of course US