Personal Quarters

Show us your crib (Personal Quarters)! Please keep images unedited so we all have a realistic window into your world! Except maybe pick up dirty laundry...

We recommend saving your screenshots in .jpg format as opposed to .png format, as the maximum file size is 2mb.

@GM-Beemo Not sure I can call this a crib yet. I basically live in a box... But I didn't leave dirty laundry on the floor and that's all that counts!

Also I had to take this screenshot via my twitch stream because if I am right, screenshots taken while playing the closed beta wont be uploaded to Xbox Live. Which would explain why I am seeing photos of people's TV screens. Was that intentional? Or is that just a restriction all CBTs have on Xbox? And if you know, will that restriction also apply during the open beta?

I still live in a box.

@Home-Dog Homey?! Well hey howdy hey! =D

Since we just got our next new FUN Scratch remodel, I finally finished my (first iteration of) personal quarters!

The Obligatory Rappy Room (because it wouldn't be PSO2 without it!): PHANTASY-STAR-ONLINE-2-(4).jpg

Not sure how to make a room look cool? Just throw some jellyfish at it: PHANTASY-STAR-ONLINE-2-(3).jpg

The "outdoors" portion of my rooms felt too small, so I made my garden inside instead (with more jellyfish): PHANTASY-STAR-ONLINE-2-(2).jpg

With the pool of available furniture growing, I hope people will start posting more rooms! 🙂

@Eshie I love those flower mats int he bottom one! I like to collect flowers.

Here's my quarters. My fav thing is my bird and the Animal Mat from the casino. It really surprised me. I bought it for the cute, didn't know it had a surprise.

alt text

Here's mine with three Large remodels and three gothic themes:

alt text

alt text

alt text

alt text

alt text

alt text

alt text

alt text

alt text

alt text

I'm only just starting out, but here's my basic little room so far! Honestly, if the Mini-Room had space for 10 items, I could make that work lol.

pso20200608_044636_000.jpg pso20200608_044649_001.jpg

@Kevin @Silversong2243 Nice. I really like the modern set.

A veeeery unfinished room but it's being worked at.


NA Mini Room


JP Room Layout A

pso20200629_034027_002.jpg pso20200629_033953_001.jpg pso20200629_033931_000.jpg

JP Room Layout B

pso20200629_034217_008.jpg pso20200629_034154_007.jpg pso20200629_034141_006.jpg pso20200629_034130_005.jpg pso20200629_034122_004.jpg pso20200629_034101_003.jpg

Even having very little furnishings and the basic room, we can still make it look comfy and welcoming!



@GM-Beemo I'll have some for you soonish. Will edit here with update or you're welcome to pop in at your convenience. I'm allllmost done. 😛