SG Store OUTFIT - Color Change pass doesnt work with them -Update v1-

SO idk why the GM's thought it be a good idea to sell outfits with out selece able color options i got one of my favorite character outfits in the SG store today and it stuck on red when Emilia replica came out in JP it had many versions i feel cheated out of my star gems. do not buy those out fits till they fix them.

Well you have a few options.

  1. You can @ a GM on the forums and ask them if this is an intended change or a bug.
  2. You can send in a support ticket and request calcification there.
  3. You could also try asking them to swap the color you want but its unlikely to happen.
  4. If it is an intended change I would absolutely ask for my SG's back because that's nuts.

Be careful buying from this shop it is a huge scam in my opinion to new players who never played JP to them its only 1 version when you have more options that a simple color pass can fix i currently sent my ticket it in for a refund and will keep you guys posted. proof.PNG So here are the other colors we are missing from the Emilia Repca that GM's are not including in those star bundles Kraz_Replica_array.jpg