Slave Cougar suddenly account bound.

I found a Slave Cougar earlier today unappraised. I turned it into an amazing weapon after 5 hours of affixing and grinding and spending everything I had to make it what it is, with the intention of selling it and making a huge profit. I had to wait for things in my shop to sell so that I could finish getting it to 35 so I entered the urgent quest and when I came out, my katana was no longer tradeable. I didn't equip it and I had it locked because I'm a ranger. I now have 60k to my name and I'm going to quit the game. This happened to me with my first rifle as well. I bought it off the player shop assuming I could resell but I couldn't. I thought I had learned my lesson and I knew the next good drop I was going to get I would craft on it and sell it. I did everything right and still got screwed over. No warning on my katana becoming account bound nothing. I give up. This game feels like a massive waste of time and has too many "hidden" money sinks to make you spend more of your own money to catch back up from things that shouldn't even be in the game to begin with.

@UniformEar61661 Once you start adding affix and leveling it up it is your item. If you wish to sell a item you sell it as is. There is a good thing, you can still buy a remove owner registration from the item shops upstairs to the left. I don't remember if it s xcubes or photonic boosters but you can trade them for a remove owner registration which leaves your item ready to sell in the market.

Does it work on 13 stars? and it keeps the affixes I added?

@UniformEar61661 It should work on any weapon. Should keep whatever you worked on.

I just had this happen to me on my slave caliber, and what erick001bc said works. Thanks a lot man. I panicked super hard too.

This worked. Thank you very much for the help. All is right in the world.

@UniformEar61661 Glad your going to keep enjoying the game man. Good luck.