Game deleted itself for the second time

Computer had to be restarted and once again the game is gone. Files are still there, can't get them off because of where it's installed. Really hoping this is fixed by tomorrow X_X

this happened to me 6 times now, and plus some files in my bin wont delete.

Think i'm just gonna factory reset my pc and go play on families Xbox until they can get this sorted out.

SEGA, get this game off the Windows Store please. Even if you have to pay a little extra to Steam, it needs to happen. This is damaging peoples pc's.

If you still have your data folder, take ownership of pso2_bin folder. Windows removed your PSO2 executable but if the data files are still there then you just need to grab another executable.

@2B How would i go about doing that?

You have two options:

And download that PSO2 tweaker, which some people use. It should automatically take ownership of your folder.

If that doesn't work then you can download: Winaero tweaker:

(Follow these directions if you're using Winaero tweaker:

A bit lengthy to do, but better than re-downloading 60 gigs.

Let me know when you have ownership of your directory.

I have ownership over all the app files but i'm gonna have to factory reset regardless. I'll try the tweaker after it's all done.