Question about EXP/Tri-boost stacking.

So I'm working on my force alt atm and I've avoided using any of the exp/tri boosters on my main so they could be saved for alt leveling. If you have premium do none of them stack? I've tried using 100% tri-boost but It won't let me use them due to the 50% buff i have from premium. Any clarification on this would be appreciated.

TL;DR: The only 2 buffs the game is letting me use is the 50% tri-boost and the 7% from the alliance tree, none of the other exp/tri boosters have any effect if i try to use them.

Sometimes it gltiches depending on how many you have running that it will say it won't have any effect. I tend to leave the mission and come back or do it at the gateway ship so it doesn't give me this glitch.

Stacking is possible. You should have the 40% Daily boost if you did all the daily req. +

Your Alliance tree photonic effect. +

Party Boost with a full team % +

Any concert boost that is live +

Any extra premium/event boost % +

ANY individual boosters per type only.


+50% EXP




These will and should all stack together. You can not stack a 50% tribooster with a 25-% tri booster as it will override the 50%) You can stack the same type to extend the time of each. Also, I would try ad run the 50% tribooster at all times since you get so many especially from the daily orders that you'll end up with so many you can't even bother with.

@ERICK001BC I'll try that, thanks for the response.