Salon Shop Help?

So lately I've been regretting not, like. Going full anime and making my hair blue or something. But when I'm in the salon shop it only says like "this'll cost star gems!", it doesn't say how many, not even when I go to confirm the change. It just vaguely says "yep, definitely costs star gems!" Am I missing something? Is there a way to check the full cost of the changes?? And if not, does anybody know how much it costs at least?

@tinklekins Depending on how much you do to change it will give you the grand total at the end when you are paying for it. If you click each option that is star gem locked it will give you a price on how much each will cost you or if you want to use AC as well. I honestly would wait a little bit, as you get salon passes from quest, titles, missions, daily log ins, rewards etc which let you change everything for free.

okay, thank you! ^^

No matter how much you change, it will only cost 100 SG because it makes you buy a Salon Pass S (I have just personally verified this, just to make sure), which is also available directly from the SG Shop for 100 SG. The benefit of this is that you get a one hour grace period to re-edit if you have Premium.

But, yeah, it is best to just wait for a Free Salon Pass if you don't have Premium or don't want to spend SG.