Where to earn Alliance Points + Other stuff for Newer players.

So I been getting this question a lot recently, sometimes even 5x daily or through private chat. I decided I will do it again with a few pictures and Links. What are Alliance points?

  • Alliance Points (AP): Are points that you earn for your alliance. There are a few ways of earning them (going to members rooms, kudos, like book) But the main and most reliable way of earning them is through Alliance Quests.

What are Alliance Quests (aka Alliance orders)?

  • Alliance Quest are similar to client orders. They are orders that require you to kill,collect,finish,etc and when turned in you are given points for your Alliance. Every week these points are reset as well as the alliance client orders.

How much AP can one earn weekly?

  • Each member can contribute a total of 4,500 AP per week.

I still have quest that I can turn in, will we get more AP even though I met my quota?

  • No, once you hit 4,500 AP per the week, your Maximum weekly alliance points will show up as 0 AP in bother your Alliance individual Alliance Status as well as in the client order details (0 more alliance points available this week.) What you can do is hold on to them and turn them in when it resets so you don't have to grind as much that following week. (If you need the space you can still earn personal xp/rewards but not help out the alliance.)

What is AP even used for?

  • AP is used for multiple things within the alliance. Considering you are starting out with a low level 1 alliance, AP is required to upgrade all the way to level 5 (Max level Alliance). It is used to upgrade your tree and keep it alive. You want to upgrade your tree so that each skill is at level 7 for the best of results. The higher the tree is the better the % of the Photonic effect, It is extra boosters that will help you for whatever you need, (example increased attack/def. meseta,xp, rarity). You can also use AP to level up your alliance with more storage, accessories, symbol art, music, host character, etc, upgrade alliance quarter area. You can also receive gifts like capsules and extreme passes from bought AP that your leaders/officers can give. AP is used also to compete with other alliances for position power, yet at the current moment this is currently not fully functional, and does not really "show" or best depict Alliance activity and status. Later on it will play a bigger role. At the moment it should be used mostly for upgrading.

Where can I find these quest/orders to run them?

  • They can be found in 2 locations. You can go either to your alliance quarters and speak to your Host, or you can go to the gateway ship and speak to the Alliance Host Fahmer located next to the skill Class Consultation. You can also find Alliance Orders when running a quest and seeing available quest for that location.

Who can earn these AP?

  • Everyone who is a member with at least a full 24hr time frame from recruitment can earn AP. Some rewards take up to a week for a member to start getting the full benefits of an Alliance. Everyone in the alliance, included the Officers and the leader will all have the same amount to hit each week.

Why should you care?

  • If you want to help out your Alliance grow and you want to get more back from it, then it is a two way street. The more you put in the more you get out from it. If everyone is doing their part it means the Alliance is healthy. There is still no way of checking as leader/officer who is earning how much per week and that falls under the responsibility of each member for the time being. When things do get better for the alliance with upgrades, A lot of member may seem having to find new Alliances because they where not pulling there share of work. Obviously there are other factors that come into what is okay with each individual alliance. Those are things you will have to see and speak with your alliance head or if you are the leader will have to take into account. AP should not be the only reason as to judge the commitment and effort of a member, but it is something that does not require much work to accomplish. Working together, everyone's points add up and help the Alliance stay fun, healthy, and up to date.

Pictures for examples. 1.PNG 2.PNG 3.PNG 4.PNG 5.PNG 6.PNG captussdsd.PNG

For more info please visit this thread on other easy to do first steps and how to. https://forum.pso2.com/topic/1096/guides-and-help-mega-thread

For example, A thing I noticed is how many members still do not realize that they have 1 free PID changer. You are allowed to change your PID.

What is a PID?

  • A PID is also known as a personal Identification number, It is your ACCOUNT based name.

Is it the same as my character names?

  • No. Your PID is your account name. The characters you create can be numerous and will have different names. All names will however be linked to your account. That account usually shows up underneath your Arks Information. It starts with PN and then a random number sequence based on many variables.

Should I change it?

  • This is entirely up to you. But most people do recommend that you change your PID. The reason for this is because it is a lot easier to keep track of your account name when you create something you remember over a number you may not. When applying for alliances, or when sending a message or adding a friend, it is a lot of trouble to actually get back and keep track of people when they switch characters, or are online. When people look up there friends/alliance members they don't see your gamertag they see your character name 1st and a PID under second. If the PID is a random Number it is a lot harder to keep track of a person like that.

Why is it harder?

  • For alliances in particlar there is a application process if a person wishes to join. The alliance leaders/officers have to look up the player based on the name or PID they are given. If the PID is a default number we are not allowed to respond to the mail application from the mail system and have to do a arks search. We can not also put the mail up to see them number and have to either take pictures of it, write it down, or be creative. It is a lot easier to find someone named CAT, then to find someone with an account named PN682037493.

How do I change it?

  • Before logging in, when you click the ship you are on you go over to Support menu and change player ID name. You are allowed 1 free name. Once you created it, that is your account name. Nothing else changes, and nothing is lost. Your Random PN# then changes to whatever your account name you choose. I used my Gamertag for convenience.

I already changed it, can I change it again?

  • The game does let you change it, but there is a price to pay.A menu will pop up saying It requires 3000 AC to change. That is $30. So make sure you are okay with the change and consider it like Xbox Gamertag.

Pictures on how to and where to find. 1A.PNG 2A.PNG 3A.PNG 4ab.png 4A.PNG

Again I hope this helped out a bit. You can also check out my Alliance Page to check out How to look up an Alliance/Player. https://forum.pso2.com/topic/2620/ship-1-pc-players-check-out-shadow-cross/5?_=1591670811195

And you can also check out things that a lot of member have been asking for Alliance's to change. https://forum.pso2.com/topic/3418/alliance-overhaul-needed-collaboration/2?_=1591670811199

I hope that these have helped in some way.

You can also get Alliance points from the following methods

  • Clearing Quests
    • 1 member party -> 30 points
    • 2 member party -> 50 points
    • 3 member party -> 80 points
    • 4 member party -> 100 points
  • Clearing any Client Orders -> 5 points
  • Finishing any collection sheet -> 5 points
  • achieving a bingo line -> 10 points
  • Doing an enhancement at the Item Lab -> 5 points
  • Compressing Candies -> 5 points
  • Playing the Casino Games
    • Mesetan Shooter -> 20 points per wave
    • Rappy Slot -> 3 points per play
    • Black Nyack -> 10 points per play
    • Lili Roulette -> 20 points per play
    • Arkuma Slots -> 3 points per stage
  • Opening the present box in the Recommend Quests -> 20 points
  • Sending a Kudos -> 5 points

... Which effectively makes doing alliance client orders kinda a moot point tbh.

@Reilet I know of a few small alliances that don't want too many people and can't run those expeditions with 4 members, my friend for example want's to have an alliance with only himself as the member. Yes you earn a bit doing daily game life, but the Alliance Client orders have a much higher payoff with some being very minimal of effort work to complete them. Some of them are even stacked on the same area and can be knocked out in a matter of minutes to earn 1,000+ AP. That's why I said even if there are other methods, the way to earn the most per smallest effort are the client orders as they also give decent xp. The casino would prob be the second best as the waves are fast and your earning CP. Still thank you for sharing as it does give newer players the ability to see that you can earn AP from basically anything in the game, just by playing it.

Are Alliance Points shared? Or does every member have their own each individual Alliance Points?

Also, does purchasing an item from the Alliance Shop use other members shared points? (I don't want to accidently use other members points)

Alliance Points are shared is just that every account has a limit of points they can gain per week and buying stuff from the Alliance shop uses the Alliance points