Nemesis Talis suddenly bound to my account.



Basically, I found this as 8-slot a few days ago, put an absolute butt load of time and resources (borrowed some from a friend on a promise to pay them back and then some once sold >.>) into augmenting this, only for it to suddenly become bound to me out of nowhere. 13*s are not supposed to bind to your account unless you buy them off the market. I never equipped this weapon either.

Fairly certain this is a bug. Other people can enhance, augment and sell 13* weapons they've found, as shown by the hundreds of +35 clearly augmented weapons with "Noble xxxx" on them. So why is this weapon I'm not going to use suddenly bound to me?

If this is a bug, I'd like it to be rectified as soon as possible please. The only possible explanation I can think of for this having happened is that I used an account-bound gix weapon purchased off the market to get the "sentence casting" augment factor onto it. I don't think that's supposed to matter though.

Go the the excube vendor and get a weapon registration cancel pass and use it on the nem weapon. If you look at the details of the cancel pass it says "only weapons 12* or lower" but thats a typo/ miss text. I did this to sell my Rev weapons I didnt need anymore.

When you enhance a piece of equipment, it will ask if you want to register ownership to your character. You can remove the owner registration so that you can sell it/etc. by getting the "Cancel Owner Registration Pass."

The item's description is worded incorrectly (It's supposed to say that it only works on 12-Star and above), but as you can see from the below image, it works on 13-Star items:

alt text


Thanks so much. I was about to have a stroke.

@AlfredoSauce96 thats all good. I had the same issue like 3-4 weeks ago then I said screw it and I tired it and it worked hahaha. I also made a bug report post about this issue so hoping someone sees it or they are aware of this issue 🙂