Bouncer equipment advice

I'm almost level 70 with my bouncer, but there's some issues that I need to start addressing in regards to my gear.

The first issue is, what boots do I get that are considered BiS, or at least decent? Only ones I saw with ok damage was Nox Placis (the Nemesis ones seem stupid expensive), and I imagine I'm aiming for light element. I'm fine in regards to my dual blades; I'm using a +35 sigma turin, so that's not an issue.

As for my armor, I legit have no clue. Should I wait for extreme difficulty to hunt for better armor, or is there really good armor from badge vendors?

Any advice would be appreciated.

Hey, I'm actually playing Bouncer and had those issues too. I actually dropped Luther units in his EQ and goes perfectly with Bouncer since it boost TEC DMG, try to get it as soon as you can, if not, get Brissa set with tokens or dropping them.

As for weapons... I don't like Soaring Blades but with Jet boots I'm using Nox ones until I fix my Nemesis shoes. You'll be fine with Nox till you can actually get a 13* Jet boots ( or handle with Nox till 14* appears ).

Try to get Light element since nearly all enemies are weak to Light dmg ( if you use an actual elemental build you'll deal tons of DMG ).

For Jet Boots, the Element you get is not that important since Jet Boot Focus allows you to change it to what is needed, so if you are buying them from the Personal Shops, just go with whatever one is cheaper.

Brissa Set is pretty much what you should try to get since it has really good inherent stats and Set Bonus: if you have a full set equipped, you get +200HP, +10PP, +70 All-Pwr, +12% MEL-Resist, +16% RNG-Resist,+9% All Element Resist, and +50 DEX. A full set of Luther is not that bad as it will give you +120HP, +14PP, +60 All-Pwr, and +9% MEL-/RNG-/TEC-Resist with all three Units equipped, at the expense of ~40 Def per Unit compared to Brissa. All of this is not counting Augments, of course.

You also have the option of Ray Units, as, despite not having a Set Bonus, you do get +150HP, +27PP, +75 All-Pwr, and +6% MEL-/RNG-/TEC-Resist from wearing all three, plus the ability to add (L) Rings to them (once they unlock the option).

And yeah, the Nox JBs are pretty solid until you can get yourself a Slave/Nemesis (I personally use the Sigma since they allow you to get 100% Crit Rate and I can use them as a Fi/Bo, but they are slightly weaker than the Nox).

@ERICK001BC That guide is good, but unfortunately it does not have equipment recommendations for the NA server.

Appreciate the advice. The armor set will be a bigger upgrade than I thought; perhaps I'm overthinking all of this and I should just +30 a pair of nox boots and try to grab an armor set; I had no idea armor sets gave such a huge boost.