Filter duplicates in Personal Shop

I like discovering new items like outfits I haven't seen before and finding their cheapest price, but finding variety in the selection is harder to do when you're scrolling through 20 pages of duplicate items. I wish for an option to filter out duplicates and perhaps a maximum amount of duplicates you can see in the Personal Shop. Like if I were to set the maximum duplicates to 3, I would see at most 3 Corpse Hoods while scrolling through the 20 pages of Outerwears. Perhaps even give us the option to whether or not we want to see different colors of duplicates too, so I can see 3 red Corpse Hoods and 3 white Corpse Hoods or I can only see 1 red, blue, and white Corpse Hoods in total. This would make the Personal Shop more streamlined in my opinion. Thank you for your consideration!

I like this idea. Better yet, though, would be an option to completely filter out "bound" items we already have (like hairstyles, accessories, etc.). Whenever a new scratch ticket line comes out I try to check the shops to see if anyone's selling stuff cheap and it's a real pain in the butt having to go through 18 and a half pages worth of Pepper Stems trying to find literally ANYTHING else. Odds are if it's already "account bound" (we've used the "ticket" twice to gain full access on all characters) we have absolutely no reason to buy that item again, so why should it even show up?

And perhaps this would go along with your idea as well: the option to filter out certain items. For me, for example, I don't particularly care for the Corpse Hood items at all, so I'd like the option to just completely nix them from the list entirely and focus the results on items I would actually want to purchase without having to search for them one at a time individually.

For that matter adding a "base search" function would be awesome. Like if we want to shop the Dragneir Flower (or whatever it's called) basewear we should have the ability to search ALL variations at the same time rather than having to look up the basic version, then start a new search for the "Night" version, then start over again for the "Ruby" version, and so on.

Sorry, I don't mean to go on and on about my own thoughts here, there's just so much room for improvement on Shop search functions.

Awesome idea! I'll pass this along to our devs. 🙂