Its been 3 days and PSO2 won't give me what I paid for

I bought 500 AC from the Microsoft Store, its been 3 days and I still haven't gotten my 500 AC.

I sent a ticket to PSO2 Support with the same Microsoft account I use to play the game, and after 3 days of waiting they said this:

"Unfortunately it looks like this account that you are submitting a ticket from (my email) is not currently associated with a PSO2 account as of now. This likely means that the account you are playing on is in fact different from the account that purchased AC. Unfortunately as this is the case we will not be able to assist any further with this issue. I am sorry for this. If you feel this is in error, please feel free to contact us again. Thank you." First of all, it is the only active account I have on Microsoft and its the only account logged in on my Microsoft Store, but IF it weren't, what did I pay for? How am I playing without an account? How did I buy something from the store with the wrong account if there's only one account? Where can I even see what account am I playing on? I looked all over the game for ANY account information and it gives none. Not only that, they stopped responding! So now I have no idea what they mean by "not currently associated with a PSO2 account", I wasted money for literally nothing, I'm yelling to a void that won't answer a single question besides "this account is not associated". All this because the Mag system has no way to repair mistakes without paying real money. I just wanted to buy a reset, why is this so incredibly convoluted??? Why is it so problematic to let me see my own account's information? Why can't I just buy from the game and I have to go outside? Why is the PSO2 Support staff so condescending and do literally nothing to help?

What am I supposed to do now? They won't give me my money back and they won't add the 500 AC I bought.

Please help.

Note: I'm playing on PC


They said the account is different so they can't be petty and ban the account you play on. If your account ends up banned then they were lying. If the account wasn't banned then you get your money back.

Look in your store under "orders" if it listet there, than check your X Box acc. maybe you have 2 seperate acc. 1 for the store and 1 for X box. Your ingame acc. is listed in the left bottom corner on the title screen with your Xbox gamer tag.