Option to automatically change to the next weapon without having to confirm first

Hello, loving the game and its fast paced high octane action. Though the action could get too high octane that switching weapons could determine life or death for your character. Scrambling through the weapon palettes and having to confirm your selection may actually take too much time. Lemme just get to my point: I'd like the option to swap to the next/previous weapon without an extra button press to confirm the selection. If I'm using a controller and I press down on my dpad, I want it to just switch to my next weapon without having to press A. You have your sword equipped and you just press down and boom, you're using wired lances now. This is actually what they do in action games like Devil May Cry and Bayonetta, which this game feels like at times. That split second could make a big difference in my opinion, I think this would be very beneficial to console players. Thank you for your consideration!

This post is deleted!