FUNscratch question

Is it possible to get more than one personal quarters and Personal shop or can you only get one of each when you don't have it active? I've spent over 30k FUN so far while having premium active to see if they're obtainable, but I am now wondering if I cannot get them till my premium runs out. I can't imagine I'm just having this amount of horrible luck when I practically received every item in the scratch. I couldn't find any info regarding this.

It's just luck. I got a couple that I have in storage.

1 Ex-Cube will also get you a 3-Day Personal Quarters pass.

If that is the case I have the worst luck ever. Over 40k FUN and still nothing.

You have no luck, brilliantly.

@Ilúvatar I don't know whether to laugh or cry. Maybe my luck is with enhancing... bwahahahaha (doubt it)