Frame Data for those who are interested. AKA, MUH DEEPS

So I know all you wanna be min maxers will want to know this kind of stuff. The JP wiki does have the information too, but I have it in a single area (granted I don't have the techs since I'm too lazy to do it atm).

To start with, you might be asking what Frame Data even is. Most MMO's don't even need this since everything is based on cooldown. Essentially, it's how much time the attack/skill/move takes to use. You can refer to this if you want to know what exactly this "Frame Data" lingo means.

To quote a website, "Frame data is something that advanced players use to help improve their skills. Novice players general confuse frame data with frame rate. Frame data gives you all the information you need to know about any given attack, while frame rate is the speed at which the game runs (generally 60 frames per second or 30 frames per second). Novice players don’t need to worry much about frame data, but once you decide to take your game to the next level, frame data can be a very important and helpful tool."

If you still don't understand what it is... uh, I hope someone else can explain it better.

In PSO2's case, you can run the game at a pretty high frame rate if you wanted too. This chart is listed in 60 FPS however. It's just to make things easier. It'll still be the same values if I went higher. Also to understand exactly how this frame data is found/created:
The 1st frame is when the attack icon lights up. The last frame is the first frame the red circle (Just/perfect attack) appears after an attack.

Here's the Frame Data

Do note that all the names are currently with the JP english patch. Whenever I can get the actual list of PA names for NA, I'll put it there too... eventually.

To explain the spreadsheet a bit.

  • Column A is the names of the attacks.
  • Column B is the damage of said attack at lvl 17 (in the case of non-PAs they don't have levels).
  • C is the amount of frames it takes at 60 FPS. For example, a PA that takes 120 frames takes 2 seconds to fully cast.
  • D is what you're actually interested in. The higher the number the "better" the PA is.
  • E~G is essentially the same as A~C if it's in the yellow background. The only difference is that shows what is different in the air. If there is nothing listed, then it means the attack is the same in the air as it is on the ground.
    *Gear is called Focus in NA. Any difference you have from that should be listed.
  • The date you see in the top left box is when it's been last updated... usually the last balance update.

Major Disclaimer:

  • This is just paper theory DPS. That means even though an attack might be great, there may be other issues with it. Example being End Attract. This PA needs a huge hitbox to be effective. There is also everything else about your attack stat that matters if you want to compare weapons. You can use this to compare attacks on a weapon, but comparing weapon to weapon isn't that simple because different weapons have different attack values, not to mention different skill trees.

  • This also doesn't explain what exactly each attack is good for. Normals might look bad but they recover PP. Some moves are meant for AoE and mobbing like Nova Strike. Certain moves rely on other moves like Banish Arrow and Chase Arrow. There's also the entirety of the "Mark" for Phantom that won't make sense unless you know something about it.

  • NA may be different, but I highly doubt it would.

In any case, I know I'm not exactly explaining it well nor fully. Just ask questions, and I can answer them and hopefully i'll still be able to edit this post to fix anything.

appreciate the post, definitely will point people here for this stuff

@Reilet reviving because I can't seem to scout the JP site for the frame data I would like. And yes I'm one of those. Happen to know what's the exact location for it in the wiki? I don't see it in your frame data.

@Reilet Stun Coincide (Blade Bash on NA) should be 24 frames. It takes 16F to reach JA but you're frozen for about 8 more after you hit due to hitstop. This happens even if you chain it into another PA and will also affect charge time.

I will change the wording on stun concido. I will admit, I did not test it with a different PA afterwards.

@Noctosis You can find them on the respective weapon PA list at the bottom. I don't have them listed anywhere in my frame data because I didn't take it from there, nor am I going to link 24 different pages.