Has Sega announced any details about the 10th?

I was looking around but couldn't find anything. Have they made any announcements on what they think they might fix on the 10th?

Most likely not until the 10th in any patch notes we get.

I know the lobby lag should be fixed in this update. We'll see!

They don't make announcements of what is happening during maintenance until AFTER maintenance ends, unfortunately.

One of the benefits of the Microsoft Store fiasco is that it will have a text file of what all was changed with the new version.

So when they update the "maintenance concluded" bit and have a small list of changes/fixes, you can just go right into that file and see what all was really changed.

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Umm ... doesn't sound good to me.

Their communication all around is garbage tbh. From fixes to the store to updates where we all can see instead of their shitty stealth posts to people on Twitter. They were even late in telling us PC release date, news sites where first. Yikes.

@Jr they are intentionally letting game news publisher/websites put out the information first. Dunno why, guess the money is better than what their fans who have weathered these forums contribute.

We need more stuff to do at lv 75 just two ultimate quest is not enough and grinding them for hours every day starting to get boring


Umm ... doesn't sound good to me.

If the lobby lag isn't gone by tomorrow I guess we know how seriously this game is taken by SEGA and MS and expect the same level of "quality" from now on.

@ozzymarkk Unfortunately there's only going to be one more Ultimate Quest for the lvl 75~80 range, and that one is an Episode 4 quest, so it's not going to come out for a while (NA version is currently on Ep3).

There is more non urgent quests content incoming during Ep3 at least. 2 challenge quests, I'm expecting those to come out sometime this month.

There's no way they'll fail to fix the lobby lag. Even if it is a PC-only problem I just cannot fathom the idea that they'd abandon us that much.

I'd say it has to be the most likely fix we'll see tomorrow, considering the tweet reply above makes it look like the Microsoft Store stability issues haven't been sorted out yet, meanwhile the support desk listing says the 10th June maintenance will do something about lobby lag.

Instead of everybody complaining constantly about the issues, just download the tweaker. No lobby lag and everything runs great from what i hear. I'm still running off the normal W10 install, just lag here and there in the lobby but everything has been good so far. Don't understand why people rather complain about something when there is a simple work around for it that they could use until an actual fix is implemented.

because the work around could end up with a ban. thanks but no thanks. they can fix it themselves.

@Ki-Rin said in Has Sega announced any details about the 10th?:

because the work around could end up with a ban. thanks but no thanks. they can fix it themselves.

A "Ban" that obviously has never happened because apparently no one hasn't been banned at all for using it. So basically, you don't get banned for using it. Otherwise, you would see a lot of people complaining about it but yet, you don't. The tweaker has been out since most of PSO2's life.